Patient-friendly pressure adjustment (sea level flight)

With certain diseases, a change in air pressure must be avoided at all costs. Yet, quick and safe ambulance flights are still possible: Ambulance aircrafts can conduct so-called sea level flights – main sea level flights (MSL). They dispose of a pressure cabin, where the air pressure is maintained at ground level equivalence. This ensures the patient's safety at all times.

The higher cabin pressure results from two factors: Firstly, the ambulance aircraft does indeed fly slightly lower than usual flights. And secondly, the cabin pressure is increased further by technical means.

When should you opt for a sea level flight?

The air pressure will be adjusted at regular flights, but it is comparable to the exterior air pressure at 2.500 meters of altitude. This considerable difference compared to the usual ground level pressure would lead to air inclusions in the body and an increased oxygen consumption.

This would lead to problems with some symptoms and, thus, a sea level flight would be necessary. These are for example:

  • Air accumulation between lung and chest wall (pneumothorax)
  • Air pockets in the eye or skull
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Fresh surgical wounds
  • Anemia

 Considering the medical reports, our medical team will decide whether a flight at sea level is advisable in your particular case. This decision is even possible at very short notice, during the patient `s transport or during the flight.

Sea level flight with Medical Air Service

Our medical specialists have many years of experience in carrying out sea level flights. Thanks to the advanced intensive care equipment on our ambulance aircraft, patients can rely on quick, safe and comfortable transport also on sea level flights. For medium and long distances in particular, such flights are preferable to ambulance transfers in almost every case. As with all air-ambulance flights, you naturally benefit from our "bed to bed" service: If required, we also organise ground transfers to the airport and the destination hospital.

Do you have any questions?

We have prepared additional information on the organisation and procedure of ambulance flights for you in our FAQs.

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