Medevac Laos

When it comes to the national and international transportation of medical patients, we offer three possibilities. The first is the medevac service for when you require patient transfer from Laos to your home country. The second is medevac to Laos: in these cases we can collect you at any time using an air ambulance or helicopter, no matter where you may be in the world, and fly you back to Laos in the company of medical personnel. And lastly we transport patients within Laos as part of the national air ambulance service.

Medevac from Laos

The reasons for medevac during a stay in Laos are varied. Whether it's an unexpected illness, an injury following an accident or the recurrence of a known chronic that makes repatriation from Laos necessary, our ambulance flight control centre organises the air medevac of the patient back to their home country and provides ambulance transport to and from the aircraft in order to guarantee the highest level of medical safety for each patient. We are happy to provide independent and non-binding advice in relation to medevac from Laos – simply call us or fill in our contact form.

Medevac to Laos

Have you fallen seriously ill or been injured in an accident abroad? Do you require medevac to Laos in order to receive medical care near to your home? Medical Air Service's medevac service will collect you from whichever country you are in, no matter where you are in the world, and bring you back to Laos. Our control centre is manned 24/7, so you can contact us at any time. You will find all of our contact information here.

Air ambulance within Laos

We are also able to provide modern, medically equipped air ambulances and helicopters all over Laos for internal ambulance flights and patient transfers by ambulance plane. Depending on the current condition of the patient, we can organise intensive-care transport in an ambulance jet or patient transfer by helicopter. In addition, we can undertake ground transport from and to the nearest airport using a suitable ambulance or emergency vehicle in order to reduce journeys to a minimum. If you have any other questions or require a non-binding quote on air ambulance services in Laos, please call us at any time or contact us here.

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