VIP patient service

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VIP ambulance jet

To ensure maximum comfort for our VIP patients, we offer various services. This is the best way for you to concentrate on getting better while we take care of everything else.

Assistance with clinic selection

As well as arranging a private air ambulance for you, we also arrange your stay and can help you to choose the most appropriate clinic for your medical treatment, if requested.

International medical teams

We ensure optimum communication between all parties involved by using international and multilingual medical teams. We rely on excellently trained medics who have many years of experience in the field of ambulance flights.

First-class attendants for accompanying person(s)

Of course, the patient’s well-being is top priority on all medical air trips, but we also meet the needs of anyone who is accompanying the patient. We can facilitate premium travel to a hotel close to the patient. The catering service on your air ambulance flight is selected according to your wishes.

We are also pleased to provide chauffeur services for accompanying persons, and can arrange for luggage to be transported, to ensure the maximum convenience. Our individual ambulance flight solutions offer space for up to 40 people. In exceptional cases, space for more passengers can be arranged.

24/7 support by a personal customer advisor

To obtain the best possible medical care in world-famous specialist clinics for themselves and their relatives, more and more of our international clients rely on our comprehensive VIP patient service, in which they can enjoy individual, personal round-the-clock support.

Dispatch of specialist doctors and care personnel

If requested, we can send medical personnel to meet the patient before they travel, so they can be updated on the patient’s condition and can respond to the patient’s needs.

We also offer this service after treatment in England, Germany and other countries, if requested, until the patient has fully recovered.

Your ambulance jet on standby

If you are travelling and would like to be prepared for an emergency, we will keep an ambulance jet on standby for you close to where you are staying. Especially in countries with poor medical infrastructure, we can thus provide a fast ambulance flight for you, so that you can get the optimal care in the shortest possible time.

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For more information regarding our VIP patient service, please read our FAQs.

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