Medical Air Escort

For mobile and less debilitated patients who – due to previous medical conditions, for example – require medical accompaniment during flights, we offer a medical escort service. A specialised physician or paramedic will accompany the patient and will be in his or her vicinity at all times, allowing quick first aid treatment using the available emergency equipment.

Medically accompanied flights are primarily conducted in business class, yet economy class is equally possible. Those flights are suitable for weak yet mobile patients who can‘t be accompanied by relatives or other trusted persons.

When choosing an escorting medic we consider the medic’s professional qualifications and also ensure that both patient and medic are well suited; after all, the patient’s psychological well-being is a fundamental component of successful medical air transport – especially on long-distance flights.

If you require more information about the commission of a medically-accompanied flight, please refer to our FAQ. Or contact us directly at any time by phone, email or by using our contact form.