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Some patients require an escort on flights, to provide peace of mind and in case they need medical treatment.

We offer an air medical escort service. A specialised physician or paramedic will accompany the patient and will stay with them at all times, enabling them to provide quick first-aid treatment using the available emergency equipment should the patient become ill on the flight.

When choosing a medical escort we consider the medic’s professional qualifications and background, and ensure that the patient and medic are well suited: after all, they will be spending some time together and the patient’s psychological well-being is a fundamental component of successful medical air transport – especially on long-distance flights.

Medically accompanied flights are mainly conducted in business class, but economy class is also possible. These flights are suitable for patients who are mobile, but who may be weak or frail, perhaps recovering from an operation, and for patients who do not have the chance to be accompanied by friends or family.

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If you require more information about our medical air escort service, please see our FAQs.

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