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Passport and stethoscope

Some patients may prefer to have medical treatment in a different country, such as the USA or countries in Europe. This can lead to linguistic and administrative barriers. We offer comprehensive support to our international patients and take care of everything.


If required, we can arrange an interpreter, who will accompany you to all meetings with your doctors and will help you to deal with staff at your hospital or clinic. We can arrange translators to translate medical and other documents.

Visa help to enter the European Union

Patients from countries outside Europe will need a visa to enter the European Union. If the patient or a family member accompanying them does not have the correct visa, we can organise a special entry permit to be issued. We can even arrange emergency visas, enabling the quickest possible entry to Europe in time-sensitive situations or emergencies.

Assistance with clinic selection

As well as arranging transport by air ambulance, we can also arrange your entire stay, if requested, and will help you to choose an appropriate specialist clinic for your medical treatment.

Our international, multilingual team helps to facilitate optimum communication between all parties. We rely on excellently trained Russian and Arabic speaking medics, for example, who have many years of experience in the area of ambulance flights.

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If you’d like more information about our international ambulance service, check out our FAQs.

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