Ground ambulance

We can make arrangements to take a patient from a hospital bed abroad to a hospital bed at home. This bed-to-bed service is the easiest option for many patients and is the most patient-friendly journey possible.

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service not only includes an air ambulance flight; it also includes full ground service, such as the co-ordination of all journeys by ambulance.

This service ensures peace of mind and the smoothest medical transfer. If the patient’s health deteriorates on the flight, we are able to react quickly. If there are other problems, such as bad weather, in consultation with our partners on the ground, we will take the necessary steps, such as changing route, to ensure the patient gets home as quickly and as safely as possible.

Patients will benefit from our long experience of arranging international air ambulance flights and our ability to provide customised patient transport at any time.

The benefits to patients:

  • Maximum patient-friendliness
  • Medical escort
  • Rapid help
  • We deal with all paperwork and formalities
  • Our one-stop transfers save time, minimize costs, and are most comfortable for the patient
  • Transparent price policy – there are no hidden costs
  • Long-standing experience with international patient transport
  • Transfers to clinics, hospitals or private accommodation at a destination of your choosing are possible

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Our FAQs provide comprehensive information about our bed-to-bed service.

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