24/7 Medical Flight Services

The employees of Medical Air Service are available around the clock worldwide, and arrange national and international medical flights at short notice.

Our staff is  country-specifically trained and has precise knowledge of local customs, anywhere in the world. This enables us to act quickly and flexibly, ensuring the high-quality standard our customers are accustomed to, even in crisis regions.

  • Short reaction time
  • Transparent price policy
  • 24h personal consulting
  • International know-how

Of course, we offer comprehensive services regarding your ambulance flight, such as:

  • Ambulances for ground transport (bed-to-bed-service)
  • Interpreters to facilitate communication abroad
  • Support regarding visa and entry regulations
  • Personal care for relatives
  • Courier service for pets

You will always be talking to an experienced expert, not to a random call centre agent, who will support you personally and individually, offering transparent prices, which is paramount to us.

We are happy to advise you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email. If you prefer us calling you back for a free of charge and non-binding consultation, please use our contact form. There is also plenty of additional information to be found in our FAQ section.