Urgent air ambulance flight to Houston (Texas)

When it comes to urgent air ambulance flights, it is crucial to take swift yet measured action to ensure a fast but safe patient transfer on board the aircraft. We received such a request not long ago when we were asked to transport a patient from the United Arab Emirates to a medical appointment from Geneva (Switzerland) to Seattle (USA) accompanied by five additional people. The following day, we provided a Bombardier Challenger 604 ambulance jet to undertake this transatlantic patient transport. In this instance, it presented the best solution for our client as there was space for all accompanying persons on board. And thanks to its extensive range, this ambulance aircraft is particularly well suited for fast patient transports between different continents.  

Ambulance jet in the air

A few hours before take-off, we were asked to fly to Houston instead of Seattle because the patient had decided to consult a different doctor in the USA at short notice. What would have been unthinkable and extremely expensive on a commercial airline flight was no problem for us because our team is available 24 hours a day and the flight schedule of air ambulance jets can be altered as required.

In order to ensure the most patient-friendly air transport possible, advance planning and a smooth procedure on the day of the flight are of tremendous importance. To this end, the patient was already placed in the care of our medical team at Geneva Airport in Switzerland to ensure the best possible care immediately prior to, as well as during, the ambulance flight.  

Ambulance flights of any kind, whether they are intensive care transports to the USA or domestic patient transfers, can be easily and reliably carried out by our Medical Air Service because we draw upon years of experience to find the most patient-friendly yet efficient solutions for all types of ambulance transports.

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