Transport on a scheduled flight to the USA

Recumbent patients in a stable condition may find that the transport on board a scheduled flight is a cost-efficient alternative to an ambulance jet. The relatives of an elderly patient decided on this mode of transport from Düsseldorf to Chicago. Instead of the usual seat rows, there was a private section with a stretcher built into the back of the Lufthansa aircraft where the patient was able to lie for the duration of the ambulance flight. Despite her stable condition which made the transport on board a scheduled flight possible in the first place, the 90-year-old was under medical supervision for the entire duration of the journey. To this end, we provided an experienced German aviation medic, who would have been able to intervene and stabilise the patient in the event of an emergency. In order to be prepared for all eventualities, we also arranged a paramedic to attend the patient transport on board the aircraft. Since we have several partners in the USA, we also organised ground transport to the Chicago clinic.

Transport on a scheduled flight to the USA

After the Lufthansa aircraft had landed successfully at Chicago O'Hare International Airport and the patient had been delivered to the hospital, her visibly relieved relatives personally expressed their gratitude for what had been an extremely fast and successful realisation of an intercontinental patient transfer.

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