Transport in Lufthansa aircraft

Stretcher transportation on a scheduled flight often represents a low-cost alternative to the ambulance jet in the case of non-critical patients. In this case, the relatives of a patient also decided on this type of transport from Munich to Istanbul. Instead of the usual rows of seats, a concealed area with a stretcher was set up in the rear part of the Lufthansa aircraft, to allow the patient some privacy during the flight. In spite of non-critical injuries which enabled the scheduled aircraft transportation of the patients, they were under medical supervision during the entire flight.

Transport in Lufthansa aircraft

In order to be prepared for all eventualities, we also provided a paramedic who accompanied the patient in the air. After subsequent ground transportation and transfer to the clinic, we completed the patient transfer successfully. We are also available for you at all times for a comprehensive consultation, and can indicate all alternatives available for patient transportation to you.

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