Transfer of an expectant mother to Barbados

Complications during pregnancy are probably the greatest fear of any pregnant woman. In such cases, competent medical care is necessary to ensure the health of the mother and the child, which unfortunately cannot be provided all over the world.


This is what occurred for a family in Guyana, South America. In the 28th week of a complicated pregnancy the mother had already spent the previous two months in bed. Too much movement would cause bleeding and would endanger the life of her baby. The medical care available in Guyana was far from optimal. It was not even certain that adequate blood supplies would be available for a transfusion in the event of bleeding.

Planning the flight mission

The family agreed that transferring the patient abroad was the best solution. On the nearby Caribbean island of Barbados, they hoped for better treatment due to higher medical standards. In order to carry out the transfer safely, the family entrusted themselves to the professional assistance of Medical Air Service.

For our ambulance flight experts, it is no problem to deploy an ambulance aircraft at any location in the world within a very short time – as was the case for Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana. We chose a Cessna Citation 525A CJ2, which was an extremely economical option for the relatively short flight to Barbados. The ambulance jet also had enough space for the teenage daughter of the family, who wanted to accompany her mother to offer support.

While our flight planners prepared the patient transfer, our medical team contacted the attending doctors in Guyana. The doctors had not been particularly cooperative towards the family, but during a doctor-to-doctor conversation we were able to clarify all the open questions and establish that the patient was fit to fly.

From Guyana to Barbados

We picked up our patient in a ground ambulance and drove her to the airport under medical supervision. There, our flight doctor took charge of the patient and the ambulance aircraft took off for Barbados shortly afterwards. After a flight of less than 90 minutes, our ambulance jet landed safely at Sir Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados. From there, we took our patient to her second home, where she had to quarantine for five days to comply with local government regulations.

Following the successful transfer of the expectant mother to Barbados, the family thanked us very warmly. They are now looking forward to the birth of the baby with excitement and anticipation. We wish the parents and baby all the best.

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