To the ambulance jet by seaplane

The Maldives is a real island paradise and therefore ideal for holidaymakers who appreciate warm, summery temperatures and amazing beaches. Many of the tiny islands have been developed into tourist resorts and offer holidaymakers peace and seclusion. But if medical problems arise, this seclusion suddenly becomes less desirable. Most of these islands do not have specialised medical facilities and hotel doctors are severely restricted in the treatments they can provide.


Such a situation was encountered by a patient with a severe neurological disease, who was staying on a small island in the north of the Maldives. He needed to be transferred to Switzerland to be treated in a specialist hospital and instructed the Medical Air Service to carry out the flight mission.

To Malé by seaplane

It was not possible to pick him up in a ground ambulance, as the only major airport in the Maldives is located in the capital city of Malé on the island of Hulhulé. So, we found a solution that suited this particular situation. The main ways of transporting people and goods in the Maldives are by ship and seaplane. As a ship was too slow for our purposes, we organised a suitable seaplane for the patient's journey to Malé and were thus able to ensure that he was transported safely.

From Malé to Zurich

The onward transfer of the patient to Zurich was then entirely straightforward. We welcomed him on board a Gulfstream G100 ambulance aircraft at Velana International Airport and took off as quickly as possible. During the flight of almost 13 hours, our protégé was well looked after by the medical crew and, after landing at Zurich Airport, he was handed over to the waiting ground ambulance crew. Soon afterwards, the patient arrived at the receiving hospital to begin his therapy there. We wish him and his family all the best for his recovery!

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