The air ambulance mission of Ruth, 61-years old and COVID-19 positive, from Ireland to USA

Lonely, scared, anxious… That’s how Ruth (Name is fictional for privacy purposes) felt when in isolation in Ireland. The lady was in Dublin when she was tested positive for COVID-19. Brave at heart, she tried to face the situation head-on but soon realized that staying isolated for 10 days in Ireland, without her husband or any other loved one, alongside, would be impossible. 

The call from a sweet but scared lady

At Medical Air Service, we received the call of a distressed lady, stating that she would not be able to remain in Ireland and wanted to leave immediately. However, with COVID-19 regulations, a covid-positive patient cannot travel on a commercial plane. 

old lady

The only option for Ruth was to go back to the USA in an air ambulance. Our agents immediately started working on the medical repatriation mission. Determined to get back home as soon as possible, Ruth was very cooperative. However, there was one little problem: she was not very tech-savvy, hence did now know how to send us essential information or even the basic documentation needed to conduct the medical repatriation flight. 

This was only a small setback for our aviation experts. Dedicated to get Ruth back home, they looked for alternative ways to obtain the necessary information. They took care of the whole mission, from A to Z and provided meticulous assistance to Ruth at all steps. They even sought the help of employees at the hotel where Ruth was staying to ensure that she does not experience any trouble. 

The air ambulance flight from Ireland to USA

Our agents worked on this mission non-stop for 24 hours and despite the communication challenges, were able to arrange for a medical flight just two days after the initial call. Ruth was sent a flight plan so that she could prepare herself and on the pre-decided time and date, we went to pick her up. 

ambulance jet

A ground ambulance team picked Ruth up in her hotel room and took her to the airport where she immediately boarded the plane. She was constantly cared for, reassured and looked after by our agents. 

The air ambulance journey from Ireland to USA was completed smoothly, without any issue and Ruth was able to get back to the safety and comfort of her home. 

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Ruth was very grateful for the rapid response and fast deployment of the plane. If, like Ruth, you have tested positive for COVID-19 while on holiday abroad, get in touch with us. Our agents will advise you on the best air ambulance option for you during a free consultation session. 

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