Return by ambulance aircraft

Once again a call for help reached our team from Medical-Air-Service last weekend from the very popular vacation destination of Mallorca. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, older folk use the chance to escape the cold and wet season in Germany. The island of Mallorca, which is one of the Balearic Islands, is especially popular in this case, where temperatures are often around 20 degrees centigrade. An older couple from Wuppertal decided to take a short vacation in the past few days. After the husband suffered a stroke a few days following arrival, the wife immediately decided to move the patient back to Germany as quickly as possible.

We were able to have the travel ability of the patient successfully checked as early as a few hours following receipt of the call for help. This verification, which is standard procedure and free of charge, allows us to provide the medical equipment best suited to the well-being of the patient, where optimal transportation is guaranteed by the doctors employed by us. By also coordinating the ground department with the accompanying medical personnel, we were able to ensure the patient-friendly repatriation from a single source.

Return by ambulance aircraft

A frequently occurring problem in the case of ambulance flights is transporting the baggage of the patients and their accompanying person. Since the intensive-care medical equipment occupies a lot of space in the ambulance jet, it is often only possible to take small hand luggage along. Therefore, as an alternative, we offer our patients and next of kin the possibility to have the baggage sent separately to the home airport via a scheduled flight. We would also be glad to assist you in the individual organization of a patient transfer.

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