Return after road accident

A road accident is frequently associated with the most severe injuries, where laborious post-treatment is required. In the case of such incidents abroad, the question often arises for the next of kin as to how they can bring the patient back home with maximum levels of security and complication-free. This case reached the central ambulance flight unit this week. After the patient from Greece and her daughter were hit by a car, it was discovered relatively quickly in the clinic that both survived with less severe injuries than previously thought.

Return after road accident

At the request of the next of kin, we organized an ambulance aircraft Beechcraft King Air within a short time in order to implement the patient transfer from Vienna to Thessaloniki. After confirmation that the patients were able to travel, we also provided the ground transportation with an experienced doctor in Vienna and Thessaloniki, who accompanied the patients during the entire transportation process. Thanks to the provision of a Greek-speaking doctor, there were no communication problems between all those involved ensuring that the return was completed successfully.

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