Radiotherapy in San Diego for a seven-year-old cancer patient

Even if you wish them a healthy and carefree life with all your heart, sometimes children are already struggling with severe health problems at a young age. This was the case for little Agata from Katowice. The seven-year-old was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which was surgically removed.

Of course, her parents wanted to do everything they could to provide their daughter with the best possible follow-up treatment. In this case, it meant specialised radiotherapy, which is only offered in a few hospitals in the world. Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego agreed to admit Agata, but the treatment there was going to be very expensive – more than the family could afford.

But Agata's parents did not give up hope. They launched a fundraising appeal on the internet and mobilised the public to help the young cancer patient. Within a very short time and amid great media interest, the family collected enough funds for Agata's flight to San Diego and her medical treatment in the USA.

Intense media interest

An ambulance aircraft was needed in order to transfer Agata safely. The family asked for our support for transportation and we were happy to help. Within a short time, we organised everything necessary for the smooth transport of the patient and provided a Bombardier Learjet 45 ambulance aircraft in Katowice. This modern jet, fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment, had enough space for the medical team and for Agata's mother, who of course did not want to leave her daughter's side.

While most ambulance flights are not noticed by the general public, this time the situation was different: thanks to Agata's internet fame, even a Polish television crew was reporting from Katowice International Airport. We supported the family in dealing with the media and were happy to provide information about the details of the upcoming flight.

The fastest way to the USA

While the interviews were still ongoing, our pilots were preparing for take-off and at that time, Agata was already in the care of the flight doctor. A short time later, the Learjet was able to take off and it made its way to the USA via Iceland and Canada. When the plane landed at San Diego International Airport, an ambulance was already waiting for Agata to take her safely to the hospital and hand her over to the doctors there.

We wish our brave little patient all the best for her radiation therapy. But it is likely that she will need further treatment afterwards. That's why Agata's parents are still asking for donations. If you would like to contribute towards Agata's treatment, you can do so here.

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