Patient transport from Spain

In the case of slight injuries which do not require to any extensive post-treatment, patients often express the desire to be treated in their native country. In order to structure the convalescence as pleasantly as possible in such a disagreeable stay in hospital, the patients appreciate the proximity of their next of kin. To bridge the distance between them and their family as simply as possible, we organized a medical repatriation a few days ago for a patient from Alicante (Spain) to Germany. The German citizen suffered a complicated foot break as the result of an accident.

Patient transport from Spain

After first aid and subsequent operation, the Spanish doctors were successfully able to stabilize the foot. Following this, we were able to provide an ambulance aircraft for the return to Germany within a few days at Alicante Airport. For particularly gentle transport of the injured patient, we coordinated two rescue vehicles for the transport from the clinic to the airport in Spain and in Germany. As usual, an experienced team of doctors and paramedics was present during the entire transportation process, and they provided appropriate support. We completed the transportation successfully with a transportation to a rehab clinic in Dresden.

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