Our patient who was COVID-19 positive while on vacation: from Bermuda to USA

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Popular vacation destinations for snowbirds and US citizens are islands in the North and West Atlantic sea, specifically the Caribbean islands or the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. Thanks to their proximity to the US, it is easy and affordable to plan a short or long-stay vacation in these breathtaking tourist destinations. 

A COVID-19 positive test while on holiday!!

Nonetheless, in an era dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, things can turn quickly wrong, as was the experience of one of our patients. In the midst of sipping cocktails by the beach during the holidays, Alice* was tested positive for COVID-19. She performed a COVID-19 rapid test herself and upon receiving the results, immediately contacted us. 

In the best interest of the patient, we advised her to take an official COVID-19 test. Kind and cooperative, both Alice and her husband Mike* performed another test, which confirmed that Alice was COVID-19 positive. Along with the test results, the government of Bermuda sent Alica an email with several COVID-19 regulations, including the requirement to remain in isolation and not to leave Bermuda!! 


A desperate need to get back home 

Anxious and desperate to get back home instead of remaining in isolation in an unknown location, Alice and Mike turned to us to find a solution to their predicament. While we were already working on arranging an air ambulance for Alice, our aviation agents instantly started working on getting in touch with Bermudian authorities to ensure a quick and seamless medical flight out of Bermuda to the US is possible. 

Our agents worked round-the-clock, liaising with different airports and government officials to organize Alice’s medical repatriation as quickly as possible. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, we were able to sort everything out and arrange for a departure flight just two days after the initial contact was made.

How we conducted the medical flight from Bermuda

On the day of the flight, we sent a ground ambulance to Alice’s hotel to take her to the airport. One of the concerns was about how she would get to the ground ambulance while complying with Bermudian isolation regulations. Our medical crew took care of this. 

We picked Alice up from her hotel room, accompanying her to the ground ambulance while maintaining all safety protocols. Then she was transferred to the air ambulance, a Hawker Beechcraft 800. After a couple of hours, they landed in New York and Alice was transferred to another ground ambulance which was already waiting to take her to her residence. 


As she was anxious to get back to the US, Alica was relieved to be able to rest and recover at home in just 2 days. She was grateful for the “Wonderful experience of your services”. 

Contact us for an air ambulance 

Like for Alice, we organized the medical flight back home of several vacationers who experienced a medical emergency abroad. If you find yourself in such a situation, get in touch with us, wherever you are across the globe. We have agents working round the clock to advise you and to plan an air ambulance flight for you within the shortest possible time.

* Names are fictional for privacy purposes

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