On Lufthansa scheduled flight from Jeddah

In the case of slight illness or injuries which do not require intensive-care, medically-equipped ambulance aircraft, the relatives of our patients often refer back to the low-cost alternative of a scheduled flight with accompanying person. For that, a few rows of seats in the rear part of the aircraft on a normal scheduled flight are replaced by a recliner with medical equipment. To guarantee privacy, this area is then screened off with curtains and is accessible only to the accompanying person during the entire journey. The patient benefits from a qualified medical support team during the flight, which can provide fast assistance at all times in case of emergencies.

On Lufthansa scheduled flight from Jeddah

Last weekend, the next of kin of a male cancer patient decided on this type of patient repatriation. Because the condition of the patient was stable, they could be transferred under medical supervision by means of a Lufthansa aircraft to Frankfurt International Airport. As well as organizing the patient to be transferred, we also provided a flight-medical trained doctor along with a rescue assistant, in order to permanently monitor the condition of the patient and in order to provide for his well-being. After a five-hour flight from Jeddah, we completed the repatriation with the transfer to a hospital in Frankfurt.

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