Medical repatriation to Ireland

Family environment and the familiar setting of one’s own home are often the determining factors when deciding against stationary rehabilitation treatment. This is why many relatives and patients opt for outpatient care in the comfort of their own homes after a hospital stay.

Medical repatriation to Ireland

Last week, our team provided support in form of a patient transfer to a family from Germany who had opted for this treatment. The patient’s family asked us for help in arranging a transfer from a clinic in Friedrichshafen, where the patient was being treated, to their family home near Cork. Whilst the patient was being prepared for transport in an ambulance jet equipped for intensive care, the experts from our freight department organised the transport of medical supplies weighing 200 kg including an electric wheelchair. Within 24 hours, our express freight employee had delivered the supplies to the family in Ireland and, prior to the patient’s arrival, had assembled the electric wheelchair which the patient was reliant on. The patient’s relatives were fully satisfied with the ambulance flight from Friedrichshafen Airport to Cork Airport, as well as with the short transport by ambulance to the family’s home.

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