Medical repatriation from France

Surprisingly, there are still clinics in existence in industrial nations today which do not correspond to normal medical standards. However, in a central European metropolis such as Paris, something like this is not expected. For this reason, an insurance association asked us to bring back a patient from a Paris clinic. After a member of the company had an accident at work, it was quickly discovered that the patient was not provided with adequate treatment and that the hygiene conditions there were abysmal. A complication arose when the patient was diagnosed with a further serious injury immediately before they were moved and thus only an especially gentle means of transportation could be considered, which we were able to provide after only a short time.

Patient take-back from France

Not least thanks to our versatile experience in all areas of flight ambulance services, we were therefore able to transport the patient securely and without complications by means of an ambulance aircraft, and transfer him to the ground ambulance also provided by us.

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