Intensive-care transport from Greece

After a severe stroke and subsequent pneumonia, the next of kin of a 70-year-old man requested that we implement a patient transportation from Athens to Germany. Since, in the case of older patients with strokes, the motor-function system is often damaged, many next of kin decide on rehab treatment in Germany. Extraordinarily high standards of care can usually guarantee that a large part of their mobility functions can be reestablished.

Intensive-care transport from Greece

Following the admission of the patient, the doctors in Greece restored the blood supply in the brain quickly, so that he was being prepared for the repatriation to Germany in a stable condition. Upon receipt of a medical report that we require in all cases for confirmation that the patient is able to travel, we were able to quickly provide an intensive-care, medically-equipped ambulance jet at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in Athens. As usual, for an especially gentle transportation, all from a single source, we organized an appropriately equipped rescue vehicle for the ground transportation in Greece. In addition to this, the patient was accompanied for this purpose by a team of rescue assistants and, in particular, trained doctors during the entire transportation process. Following arrival at Cologne/Bonn International Airport in Germany and subsequent ground transportation to the rehab clinic, we completed the patient repatriation to the greatest satisfaction of his relatives.

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