Getting Mal, who became paralyzed after a stroke, to a US hospital for treatment

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A stroke... A stroke on its own can be terrifying: You have to watch your loved one suffer and you are uncertain about what the future holds for them. Even more distressing is when you do not see any signs of recovery. The aftermath of a stroke can range from mild to severe, with some people experiencing fatigue and tiredness and others being paralyzed. 

76-years old Mal lost the use of his limbs after the stroke

Sadly, one of our patients had to endure the worst part of a stroke. After his attack, Mal (fictitious name for privacy purposes), 76 years old, showed no sign of recovery. Instead, he became paralyzed, losing the use of his limbs. He was soon diagnosed with Auto-Immune Encephalitis. 

stroke patient

This is a very rare condition during which the body’s immune system starts, mistakenly, attacking healthy cells and tissues in the brain or spinal cord. More often than not, these patients require ICU treatment to be able to recover. 

Leen, Mal’s daughter, had to go through the heartbreaking experience of not seeing his father recover from the stroke and in a desperate attempt to get him the treatment he needs, wanted to get him to Providence St. Vincent Medical Centre in Portland for higher quality treatment and care.

The distressed daughter’s request for a medical flight

Considering that Mal was arriving from the Philippines to San Francisco, is bedridden and suffering from several other complications linked to Auto-Immune Encephalitis, it was difficult for his family to organize the transport to Portland. The distance between Portland to San Francisco being approximately 10 hours by road, excluding traffic and other conditions, a ground ambulance was not an option. All factors pointed to the fact that Mal would not be able to bear such a long transfer by road. 

Thus, we were contacted by an organization offering life support services on behalf of Leen. The distressed daughter’s request was to get her father to the hospital as soon as possible so that he can begin his treatment. 

Rapid organization of a domestic air ambulance for Mal

Sensing Leen’s despair, our aviation agents at Medical Air Service quickly took over the case and started looking for the best way possible to transfer Mal to the hospital. Since the stretcher on a commercial flight option was impossible due to the patient’s condition, We started organizing an air ambulance flight for Mal. 

ambulance jet

We were able to schedule a medical flight one day after the request was made. The transfer took place in a Bombardier Learjet 36, which allowed Leen to accompany her father and provide some comfort during the medical flight. Of course, along with them was a medical team consisting of a doctor and a paramedic taking care of Mal throughout the flight. 

After approximately 1 hour and 15 mins in the air, the air ambulance landed at Portland Hillsboro Airport and Mal was transferred to a ground ambulance where he was taken to Providence St. Vincent Medical Centre. He showed bravery and patience throughout the flight and was very cooperative, which made the experience a pleasant one for everyone involved. 

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We were happy to be able to help Leen get his father the treatment he needed in order to recover from this complicated medical condition and hope that his recovery is quick. 

If you or your loved one need to reach a hospital offering higher quality care to get treatment and recover from a complicated medical condition, get in touch with us. Our agents will organize the patient transport for you, whether in an air ambulance or a commercial flight, while keeping in mind your safety. Contact us and we will take care of the rest. 

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