From Equatorial Guinea to Paris – with COVID-19

COVID-19 – also known as Coronavirus – has spread throughout the world in the last few months. Unfortunately, the healthcare systems of some countries are not equipped in such a way that all patients wish to place their trust in local treatment. Instead, some patients with COVID-19 decide to take an ambulance flight to another country where they expect better medical conditions.

Air ambulance flying over Paris

This situation was faced by the family of a VIP patient from Equatorial Guinea. His Coronavirus infection had taken such a severe course that he needed mechanical ventilation. At the same time, he was still highly contagious. In order to ensure the best possible treatment for him, the patient's relatives commissioned us to carry out an ambulance flight to Paris.

COVID-19: transport is possible for patients in isolation

For the transport of patients with COVID-19, special measures are necessary to ensure the safety of the patient and to prevent infection of the medical crew. That is why we not only deployed a VIP-ready Bombardier Challenger 650 ambulance aircraft for this patient transfer. The transport was carried out using a modern EpiShuttle isolation system.

The patient was transported lying down inside the hermetically sealed EpiShuttle, so that there was no danger of COVID-19 virus escaping. Through the EpiShuttle's various ports, the medical team was able to carry out all the medical tasks required to keep the condition of the VIP patient stable. Thanks to the EpiShuttle, a companion was even able to accompany the patient and stay close to him during the ambulance flight.

From Malabo to Paris

In the run-up to the flight, we helped the patient's relatives to successfully apply for diplomatic clearance to land in Paris. So nothing more stood in the way of the Challenger 650 taking off on time from Malabo International Airport in the state capital of Malabo. As usual, we landed at Paris Le Bourget Airport near the city centre, where ambulance flight handling is much more straightforward than at the better-known major Paris airports, Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly.

In this way, we were able to safely bring our VIP patient to Paris to the great satisfaction of his relatives. He is now undergoing the best possible treatment there. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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