Flying from Italy back to the USA after a climbing accident

The Dolomites, that famous mountain range in Italy, are a popular starting point for hiking and climbing holidays. Climbing trips are becoming increasingly popular. But unfortunately, climbing in the mountains can quickly lead to serious accidents.


This was the case for a married couple from the USA. During a climbing excursion in the Dolomites, both were so badly injured that they had to be admitted to a hospital in Italy . Travellers who have an accident abroad often want to return to their home country as soon as possible, so they can be treated by familiar, trusted doctors. That's why a friend of the couple turned to the Medical Air Service.

Planning the flight mission

Immediately after the enquiry, we started preparations for the ambulance flight. As the couple’s children were also staying with them in Italy, a larger aircraft with a spacious cabin was needed for the return flight. For this reason, we chose a Bombardier Challenger 650 ambulance aircraft.

bombardier challenger 650

Due to the severity of the husband's injury, he needed to be transported lying down and required continuous medical care. Therefore, in addition to the provision of the appropriate aircraft, we also organised a ground ambulance to take him from the hospital in Italy to the airport. We booked a shuttle service for the rest of the family. We also organised the transfer from the airport in the USA to the destination hospital. In addition, our international team took on all the communication with the Italian doctors.

From Italy back to the USA

On the day of our flight mission everything went as planned. Our team met the family on time at the Italian hospital. From there, we drove them to Treviso Sant'Angelo Airport in an ambulance and a people carrier. There, the ambulance aircraft was already waiting for the family, and first flew the four passengers to Keflavik for a short refuelling stop. The pilot then continued on a direct route to the USA, to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Denver. At the airport, the two ground ambulances that we had organised were ready and waiting and transported the two patients to the destination hospital as quickly as possible, where we safely handed them over to the doctors that would be treating them.

Upon arrival, the entire family was delighted that the ambulance flight and all the associated transfers had gone so smoothly. We wish the family all the best and a speedy recovery.

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