Flying an infant to Boston for surgery

Only a few specialists in the world have the necessary expertise and technical equipment to carry out vital operations for infants with certain serious illnesses. In order to bring these tiny patients to the doctors, an ambulance flight is often necessary.

This was certainly the case for a 3-month-old Polish boy, who had various serious health conditions. The urgent operation had to be performed in Boston, but the family lived in Krakow, Poland. In order to raise the money for the treatment, they had launched a fundraising campaign and now needed to book an ambulance flight to the USA.

Flight planning

In addition to close consultation with the parents of the little patient, we contacted the Boston Children's Hospital, where the operation was to be carried out. We agreed on the best date for the ambulance flight so that the hospital staff had enough time to complete all the tests needed before the operation.

We deployed a Bombardier Global Express ambulance jet to transport the infant. This long-distance jet can handle intercontinental ambulance flights without any stopovers and was therefore ideally suited for the flight from Boston to Krakow. Of course, there was also enough space on board for mum, dad and a medical team specialising in paediatric medicine.

Safely en route to the USA

On the morning of the flight, at the University Hospital in Krakow, our ambulance vehicle was ready to receive our little patient. The small boy watched attentively as he was taken on board the ambulance by our doctors. His mother was with him at all times and gave him love and security.

At Krakow Airport, the Global Express ambulance jet was ready and waiting and took off for Boston a short time later. While the adults watched over the little patient, he was clearly relaxed about the flight – he fell asleep soon after take-off. After the ambulance jet landed at Boston Airport, another ground ambulance welcomed the family on board and took them directly to Boston Children's Hospital, where the doctors immediately took our young protégé into their care.

In the meantime, the operation has been carried out and the little patient is recovering well from all the strain and excitement. We wish him and his parents all the best, and of course, above all, good health!

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