Flying a Covid-19 positive patient home in time for Christmas

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The holidays are meant to be spent with your loved ones. Nothing beats the feeling of opening Christmas presents in the morning and watching the feeling of happiness on others’ face or just having a meal together. Being far from home for Christmas or New Year can be a lonely experience and it can be even more depressing if you are sick. 

 Being away from your family for the holidays 

One of our patients had to go through this awful experience. He traveled to Egypt and planned to get home to Houston, Texas before Christmas. However, on the day that his flight was scheduled, he tested positive for Covid-19 and could not board the plane. No airliner will take on a Covid-19 positive patient onboard because of risks for its staff and other passengers. 

The patient was asymptomatic but he was miserable on his own and anxious to get back home quickly. Thus, on the 20th of December, he contacted Medical Air Service to arrange for a flight back home to his loved ones. His only request was to have a flight as soon as possible and being aware of the patient’s distress, we took care of everything. 

Preparing the flight for the patient 

Since the patient was very communicative and proactive, arranging the flight was a smooth process. Being in isolation in his hotel room, he could not provide a medical report. Nonetheless, Medical Air Service was able to work out a solution so that he can fly back home within just two days of his request. Hearing this news, the patient could sleep soundly again, in anticipation of his flight. 

To transport the patient, we used the Learjet 35. Ensuring the safety of everyone involved, PAPR units were used. As such the medical staff and airline crew onboard were protected from germ transmissions and potential infection with Covid-19. 

coronavirus gear

Flight day- From Cairo to Houston

The flight was booked for the 22nd of December. Medical Air Service went to pick up the patient, who was relieved and elated, from his hotel in a ground ambulance. He was transferred to the plane at Cairo International Airport. 

Throughout the flight, his medical condition was supervised by an experienced medical professional who was ready to intervene in the event of his health deteriorating or an emergency. The doctor had all the necessary equipment on hand to care for the patient. 

Home for the holidays! 

After a long flight, the patient was able to get back home to his wife. Since he was in a stable medical condition, he did not go to a clinic, but directly home. Even in isolation there, he had the moral support of his loved ones and could still enjoy a home-cooked meal! 

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