Flight ambulance in Croatia

Patients with injuries to the brain are frequently particularly unstable and require thorough treatment of a high medical standard. In south-eastern European countries, such as Croatia, such treatment cannot always be guaranteed and so the relatives of a patient from Germany decided on a patient repatriation last week. In this case, the patient had the dangerous diagnosis of a brain aneurysm, an illness which demands especially patient-friendly transport.

Flight ambulance in Croatia

In order to be able to guarantee appropriate transport, only our exclusive "Bed to Bed" service came into consideration for the next of kin. For this, we arranged the entire return from a single source and also the two rescue vehicles, as well as provided accordingly trained doctors in Zadar and at Cologne/Bonn Airport, as well as the intensive-care, medically-equipped ambulance jet. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the area of international ambulance flights, we were able to implement a return from abroad in the extreme short term to the fullest satisfaction of the next of kin.

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