By ambulance jet to Singapore

German medicine enjoys an excellent reputation abroad and medical tourism is booming, even in these Coronavirus times. But once their treatment is complete, many international patients want to return to their home country as soon as possible – even if a scheduled flight is out of the question for health reasons.


This was the case for a patient from Singapore after having cancer treatment in Berlin. He was not sufficiently recovered to take a scheduled flight, so he confidently turned to us to for a swift medical repatriation by ambulance jet.

Flying the patient halfway around the world

When we talked to our client in more detail, we found out that he had also made enquiries with various other companies. However, they did not have the necessary FAOC (Foreign Air Operator Certificate) to land in Singapore and could therefore only offer him a flight to Thailand, then the onward journey to Singapore by ground ambulance. In contrast, we were able to arrange a direct flight to Singapore and we were therefore awarded the contract.

Berlin is almost 10,000 km away from Singapore by air, so we planned to use a Bombardier Learjet 60 for the patient transfer. This aircraft provides cost-effective transport, but only requires two fuel stops to make the journey to Singapore. We assigned an experienced medical team to the flight mission to ensure the patient's wellbeing at all times.

Fast and safe flight to Singapore

Within a very short time we resolved all the organisational issues so that we could carry out the patient transfer as quickly as possible. On the day of the flight, we picked up the patient and his wife from the hospital in Berlin and drove them to Berlin Brandenburg Airport in a ground ambulance. There, the couple boarded our Learjet 60, which immediately took off for Singapore. Throughout the flight, we were in close contact with the patient's daughter and kept her informed about our progress.

There were no unusual incidents during the patient’s transfer flight, so we landed on time at Seletar Airport in Singapore. There, another ambulance provided by us took over the care of the patient and brought him and his wife to the receiving hospital. We wish our patient all the best for his further treatment.

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