Beijing: Transport in the A380

A stretcher transportation on a scheduled aircraft is a low-cost alternative to an ambulance jet. Since this ambulance flight is implemented reclined and the patient is constantly monitored by trained flying physicians, it offers the maximum possible security for the next of kin with moderate costs. In order to guarantee patient privacy during the flight, the area with the built-in stretcher was separated from the rest of the cabin with a screen.

Beijing: Transport in the A380

From Beijing, the capital of China, which is about 8,000 kilometers away, we implemented a corresponding stretcher transport a few days ago. The Chinese patient who was sick with cancer was stabilized after laborious treatment in the hospital. Within the framework of an appropriate long-term treatment, which should keep the chances of a relapse as low as possible, the next of kin decided on post-treatment of a very high standard in Germany. Upon receipt of the request, we immediately checked the patient to see how she would be able to be transported. Since it was a question of an overseas return transportation, we likewise quickly organized a Schengen visa for the Chinese lady and her accompanying person. Thus, the smooth process of acquiring an urgent visa also resulted in the swift issue of a residence permit. A short time later, the two passengers were on a Lufthansa scheduled flight, an Airbus A380 from Beijing Capital International Airport to Frankfurt. At the airport a rescue vehicle provided by us was already there, which moved the patient to the clinic securely and gently.

The next of kin were very satisfied and were very grateful for the all-round service and the simple transfer from abroad.

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