An air ambulance for a few months-old baby with breathing difficulties

Nothing is more heartbreaking for parents than seeing their child suffer. Children are helpless when sick, being unable to express themselves properly, or in the case of infants, they cannot communicate at all. 

We feel powerless when they have a mild fever, what about when your baby is unable to breathe on his own? This is what happened to one of our little patients. Only a few months old, the little guy suffered from a softening of the trachea, which means that he had difficulties breathing. Admitted in an ICU under artificial respiration in a hospital in Lodz Poland, he had to be taken to a University Hospital in Muenster, Germany to undergo treatment for his condition. 

Intubation during the flight needed 

Already in a desperate situation, the mother did not have enough funds for the treatment of her child. Fortunately, the organization Cor Infantis came to her aid. This is a Polish Foundation working for children and infants with coronary heart disease (CHD) and other related complications. Medical Air Service has been working with this foundation for quite a while. It helps patients raise money for their medical transport and treatment abroad. 

Since the little baby had breathing difficulties, he required constant intubation during the flight to Germany, which is only possible via an air ambulance. Thus, we deployed a Bombardier Challenger 650, which is spacious enough to accommodate the baby, his mother, and our medical crew. Considering the patient’s condition we made sure to have a pediatric medical team onboard and an experienced anesthetist. 

mother and child during transport

A smooth flight with a pediatric medical team onboard

Being aware of the urgency of the situation, the baby’s condition, and the mental state of the parents, we made sure to organize a flight as quickly as possible, within a few days after the initial contact was made. Moreover, we liaised with the hospital in Muenster to supervise the admission of the little patient in Germany, ensuring that there are no issues and that the mother does not have to endure more mental burden. 

On the day of the flight, we picked the patient up from the hospital in Poland in a ground ambulance. Our doctor accompanied him to the airport where he was transferred to an air ambulance. Throughout the whole journey, he was intubated and looked after by our experts. The one-and-a-half-hour flight was smooth, with our pediatric team constantly monitoring the baby. At the airport in Germany, a ground ambulance was already waiting and as soon as the air ambulance landed, the patient was taken to the hospital in Muenster. 

pediatric equipment

Our mission did not end after handing over the patient to the hospital. We made sure to check in on the patient and were glad to know that everything went well. After being extubated, the baby was able to breathe on his own. We wish him very healthy growth. 

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