Ambulance jet flight for a well-known director

We recently organised an ambulance flight for a real VIP. A well-known British director of documentaries and Oscar-winning feature films had fallen ill in London. However, his family wanted his medical treatment to continue in Los Angeles, his second home.

Mission preparation

In view of our patient's serious medical condition, our flight doctors carried out meticulous checks to determine whether the director was fit to fly. To this end, they communicated closely with the attending medical specialist in London, and eventually the doctors came to the joint conclusion that a patient transport by ambulance jet was possible.

We scheduled a Bombardier Learjet 45 ambulance aircraft for the mission, with a specialized medical crew who made sure that our patient was transported smoothly and felt in good hands. Due to the layout and cabin configuration of the Learjet 45, it was also no problem for the director's wife to accompany the patient on the flight. Most important of all, was the state-of-the-art medical equipment on board our ambulance jet, which enabled the medical crew to provide the patient with the same level of care as in a modern intensive care unit.

From London to Los Angeles by ambulance jet

On the day of the medical transport, we brought the patient to London Biggin Hill Airport in an ambulance vehicle. This airport is particularly suitable for ambulance flights as it is more central than the major London airports and is therefore usually accessible via a short journey by ground ambulance.

With the patient and his wife on board, the Learjet 45 took off on its flight to the USA. On the evening of the same day (local time), the ambulance jet landed at Los Angeles International Airport. Here, another ground ambulance was already waiting, and drove our VIP patient safely to the receiving hospital in Santa Monica.

The director’s relatives expressed their gratitude for the smooth completion of the patient transport. We wish all those involved the best for their future and wish our patient a speedy recovery in the USA.

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