Ambulance flight from Libya

Often the most severe injuries are caused by explosions, which require lengthy post-treatment and a lot of stamina from the patient. Not infrequently, the cure progress and irreversible damage are difficult to foresee. Nevertheless, high quality treatment can shorten the cure progress significantly. Due to the very severe injuries and third degree burns as a result of a house explosion, last week our central ambulance flight unit team provided an ambulance jet with intensive-care medical equipment to transport our patient from the Libyan capital Tripoli to a clinic in Ludwigshafen.

Ambulance flight from Libya

With the injuries of this patient, only an extremely gentle transport could be considered, which we were able to organize within one day. In order to guarantee the smooth transportation to the processing clinic, we made use of our "Bed to Bed" service in this case, and also organized the corresponding ground departments for this service in Libya and in Germany. In addition to this, it was not least our rapid provision of an Arabic-speaking doctor which guaranteed perfect communication between all those involved.

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