Ambulance flight from India to the USA

When vital medical treatment is needed by a family member living abroad, many relatives want their loved one to receive further treatment close to them, so they can provide their family member with emotional support. To achieve this, long journeys for the patient are often unavoidable.

Bombardier Challenger 300

This was the case during a recent assignment of ours: our client wanted her Indian parents-in-law to be flown from Dehradun in India to Seattle in the USA so that her mother-in-law could get the best possible follow-up treatment for her pancreatic cancer at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle.

Ambulance flight from India to the USA despite Coronavirus

Although the current Coronavirus crisis has resulted in global restrictions on international air travel, as well as restrictions on entry into the USA, ambulance flights are still almost always possible. However, the existing restrictions make it difficult to organise a transcontinental ambulance flight. In order to be able to carry out an ambulance flight to the USA in spite of entry restrictions, our team needed to obtain numerous important permits. In this case, valid visas for the two passengers were required for entry into the USA and contact with the Indian government was necessary to allow their departure from India.

From Dehradun to Seattle

With the help of our client, we were able to gather all the relevant documents in a very short time and provide an ambulance jet in India. To relieve our client of as much stress as possible, we took care of all the necessary ground transportation. The ambulance aircraft was only able to take off from New Delhi, six hours away, which meant that a ground ambulance was required to transport the patient quickly and safely to the airport. A permit was also required for entry into New Delhi. Our team managed to obtain this at short notice, so that we were able to leave Dehradun as planned.

Upon arrival at the airport, the ambulance aircraft was already waiting for the patient and her flight companion. Thus, nothing stood in the way of a punctual take-off. From New Delhi the aircraft made a fuel stop at Baku and then flew on to Seattle. A ground ambulance was already waiting at Seattle Airport, which took the patient to Virginia Mason Hospital as quickly as possible. The patient’s daughter-in-law was very pleased that the patient transport had gone so smoothly and thanked us wholeheartedly for our rapid organisation of the mission.

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