Air ambulance to London (Great Britain)

Patients from Asia or Africa frequently take long-distance flights to the UK for medical treatment if they cannot guarantee good treatment in their home country. Medical Air Service recently had to arrange such a trip. An 83-year-old Indian woman broke her hip in a fall and had to undergo an immediate operation. Since high-quality medical treatment could not be ensured in India, the patient’s family arranged for the surgery to take place at a London hospital. The bedridden patient’s daughter contacted Medical Air Service to arrange an air ambulance flight from Ahmedabad, India, to London.

Air ambulance to London (Great Britain)

We were able to promptly arrange for a Bombardier Learjet 35 air ambulance to take the patient and her daughter from Sardar VallabhbhaI Patel Airport, Ahmedabad, to London Luton Airport. To ensure the best care for the elderly patient during the journey from India, we organised bed-to-bed transport and also provided specialist ground transport by ambulance, both in India and in the UK. Only a few days after we transferred the patient to her doctor in London, she was successfully operated on and was able to travel back to India following an appropriate rehabilitation period.

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