Air ambulance flight to Portland for an insurance company

Most travel insurance policies that include health cover offer medical repatriation in medically necessary and sometimes also medically reasonable cases. Some insurance companies carry out the patient transport themselves, but many insurers prefer to rely on the experience and expertise of private providers like Medical Air Service.

Learjet 60

Recently, we were able to work with a Uruguayan-Spanish insurance company. An American woman had become seriously ill on a cruise and needed to be transferred to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Gibraltar. The local doctors recommended that the patient should be transferred to a better equipped hospital as soon as possible. The patient's insurance company contacted Medical Air Service for this mission.

Mission planning

The insurance company had initially only planned to transfer the patient to Madrid because the individuals responsible had underestimated the capabilities of an ambulance jet. It was actually just as easy to fly the patient directly to Portland, her hometown. The insurance company had approached several providers, but we were able to offer the best price and promised a swift transfer. We were therefore awarded the contract.

For the patient's journey across the Atlantic we selected a Bombardier Learjet 60, as its long range would enable us to have the minimum number of stopovers during the flight. We also gave the customer the choice of a larger aircraft, but he opted for the more economical patient transfer in the Learjet 60.

We contacted the hospital in Gibraltar and the receiving hospital in Portland and coordinated the details of the patient transfer with the relevant wards. We organised a ground ambulance for the journey to the departure airport in Jerez and another for the journey from Portland International Airport to the receiving hospital.

The Medical repatriation mission

On the morning of the flight, our ambulance was ready on time and picked up the patient from the hospital. We took her safely to Jerez airport via the shortest route. The Learjet 60 was already waiting at Jerez and was able to take off shortly afterwards. When our plane eventually landed in Portland, the sun was setting. Our ambulance drove the patient to the receiving hospital where the staff immediately took her into their care. We wish her all the best for her continued recovery!

Our client was also delighted with the successful and problem-free flight. The managers responsible thanked us for our speed and efficiency. They promised to contact us again whenever they required another ambulance flight.

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