A transfer flight for a seasoned World Cup participant

Cricket is extremely popular in many former Commonwealth countries and has become a national sport in some countries. Players who have represented their countries at the world championships are greatly revered. We were recently able to organise a transfer flight for just such a celebrity cricketer. He had played for his country at two world championships before retiring from public life. When his wife telephoned us, the World Championship cricketer was suffering from inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) and was in hospital in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Bombardier Challenger 650

Transfer flight without the help of an insurance company

The patient wanted to have further treatment in Germany, his adopted country of residence, and also had medical insurance through his travel insurance policy, so he contacted his insurer. But the review of his case was dragging on and the insurance company was either unwilling or unable to assist the cricket star quickly enough. Four weeks after he first contacted his insurance company, he finally turned to us at Medical Air Service. We gladly fulfilled his wish for a swift medical repatriation to Germany.

In order to provide a comfortable ambulance flight for the patient, we decided to use a Bombardier Challenger 650. This jet is specially designed for long-haul flights and was therefore able to fly the route between South Korea and Germany with only one stopover. The fact that the medical equipment on board was state-of-the-art is, for us, entirely a matter of course.

Safe flight from Seoul to Germany

On the day of the transfer flight, an ambulance stood ready and waiting to take our well-known patient to Incheon International Airport near Seoul. There, our specialist flight doctor welcomed him on board and the Challenger took off on time. During the 12-hour flight, our medical team took constant care of the cricket star, so that he arrived safely in Germany. There was another ambulance waiting at the airport to take him to the receiving hospital.

The patient's family was very grateful after the flight mission was completed. Where the insurance company was slow to act, we were able to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient through our decisive actions.

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