Medical repatriation from Spain

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Its beaches, vibrant cities, historic buildings and lively culture make Spain one of the popular holiday destinations. From carnivals and festivals to sailing and skiing, there is so much to see and enjoy in the country. Since so many people visit Spain, there is a high demand for medical repatriation. Most travel insurance policies cover the cost of a medical flight if the need arises, but each year it’s surprising to see the number of people who forget to buy travel insurance.

There may be many reasons for not buying travel insurance. The most common reason is that people believe that nothing bad will happen to them. Travellers on a budget often skip on travel insurance. Others are just blissfully unaware of the potential problems that could arise on their trip – and the amount of money they may have to pay for a medical flight. 

How To Make Medical Repatriation From Spain To UK Less Stressful

When do you need medevac services from Spain?

We would love to think that everyone will have a wonderful holiday in Spain and return home safely, but the internet is full of horror stories about people who have accidents or get ill on holiday. What if you break your leg skiing in Baqueira-Beret or dislocate your knee snowboarding in Sierra Nevada? You may need weeks of medical care and you may not be fit enough to take a commercial flight home.

Nobody likes the idea of spending weeks in a hospital bed in Spain. People want to return home to convalesce in comfort and in familiar surroundings. However, things can get complicated if you don’t have travel insurance that covers the cost of an air ambulance to take you home.

This is where Medical Air Service steps in to rescue you. We can arrange medical flights from Spain to any destination worldwide at short notice. The services we offer and our high standards of care make us one of the best air ambulance companies worldwide. The best thing is, our flights are affordable and each one is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. All you need to do is give us a call and we will make arrangements for our team to reach you as quickly as possible.

The services we offer

At Medical Air Service, we are committed to making your medical repatriation from Spain as easy as possible. We don’t want you to hang about waiting for permission to leave the hospital in Spain or to have to wait for ground transportation when you arrive in your home country. From the moment you call us, until we hand you over to doctors, or deliver you to your home, we work tirelessly to ensure you have the smoothest medical evacuation. 

We have a wide range of aircraft including aeroplanes and helicopters, making it possible for us to cater for the requirements of most patients. All our air ambulances are fitted with the latest medical equipment. We can also add extra equipment, if required.

We have a team of specialist doctors and medical practitioners to escort critically ill patients, such as people who are returning home after a stroke or heart attack. Our professional staff are on hand to provide first aid if necessary, to keep a patient’s condition stable during the flight.

Our bed-to-bed service means that we take you from your hospital bed, fly you home and take you to your preferred hospital in your home country. For people who are critically ill, we can arrange an ambulance helicopter to pick you up from hospital – most hospitals have helipads.

One of the most important services we offer, which makes us stand out from the crowd, is 24/7 consultation for patients and family members. If you have any queries, just give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you!

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