Medical repatriation to the UK

A medical emergency can occur anywhere in the world and at any time: on a cruise, a city trip or a skiing holiday. Nobody likes to think about it, but having an accident or falling ill on holiday abroad can turn serious quickly. While initial treatment is carried out locally, most patients want to go home as soon as possible to receive further treatment in the United Kingdom. Medical care at home guarantees that patients are treated in the best way possible while being close to supportive family and friends.

Medical Air Service provides medical repatriation all around the world. We have carried out many missions returning patients to the UK, and we are experts at getting you back home safely.

You are only four steps away from home

1. Free consultation

Our repatriation service is available 24/7 for patients and relatives. When you ring us, you will describe your situation to our expert staff, who will discuss with you all the options and tell you what steps need to be taken. We will give you a no-obligation, written quotation for the safe, speedy repatriation of the patient. We know that the cost of medical repatriation will influence your decision, so we give you and your family time to think about it, and you can get back to us at any time.

2. Organising the repatriation process

After you accept our offer, you can leave everything to us. We will organise the patient’s medical repatriation from hospital bed to hospital bed. This includes taking the patient by ambulance from the foreign hospital to the nearest airport, and from the destination airport to a hospital in their home country. Medical Air Service communicates with foreign authorities and doctors on-site, leaving the patient to concentrate on recovering. We take care of the rest.

After we have finalised our plans, we give you a detailed flight schedule including all important information, so you always know what is going on.

3. Implementation

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service not only offers an air ambulance flight, but also includes full service on the ground, such as getting to the airport and to the patient’s hospital in their home country. We will collect the patient by ambulance and transport them to the waiting air ambulance. The patient will fly to the destination airport accompanied by medical staff. An ambulance will be waiting for the patient at the destination airport to transport them to hospital or private accommodation of their choice. You will be kept informed of the current status of the patient’s medical repatriation.

4. Handover

The final step in medical repatriation is handing over the patient to the physicians in charge.

Medical Air Service: based in Europe, operating worldwide for many years

Medical Air Service consists of an international team of professional repatriation experts who have over 40 years of medical aviation experience. Our expertise in operating international repatriation flights around the world means we can create personalised solutions to meet all our clients’ needs. Our skilled multilingual team can help you, wherever you are in the world.

During the medical repatriation process, you can rely on us to provide the best medical and technical care for all our patients.

Contact us

Our team is available 24/7 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Within hours we can organise medical repatriation from anywhere in the world. Please contact us: