Medevac by Ambulance Aircraft

Medical evacuation, or Medevac, is the transportation of seriously ill patients by air. At Medical Air Service, we are a medical evacuation transport expert with over a decade of experience providing world-class medevac services to patients across the globe. We provide fully equipped air ambulances, with experienced medical personnel on board, to ensure a swift air ambulance service and gentle journey back home.

Our air ambulances are fitted with permanently installed  intensive care equipment  to provide optimum care and transport for patients no matter the state of their emergency. If required, additional medical equipment can be installed on all aircraft. This flexibility guarantees a fast, safe journey with the  shortest possible waiting time , day or night, while providing a smooth flight experience for those in need during an emergency.

Safe Medevac Transport by Ambulance Jet

Our medevac jets carry the following medical equipment:

  • Intensive care unit with vacuum mattress and patient loading system
  • Central oxygen tank (6,000 liters) and optional reserve tank
  • Multi-parameter intensive care transport monitor
  • Compact defibrillator / monitor system
  • Intensive care respirator
  • Portable blood gas analyzer
  • Satellite telephone.

This list is just a selection of the medical equipment on board, but we can source extra equipment , depending on the patient's medical condition, to ensure their safety and well-being guaranteeing that each flight fits the unique needs of all travelers.

Medevac of Intensive Care Patients

Air Ambulance Medevac

In our air ambulance, we can safely medevac patients, even those who require intensive medical care. Patients who are traveling with us receive excellent care and arrive at their destination  as quickly as possible . Highly experienced, specialist medical crew alongside intensive care physicians, accompany patients during their  medical repatriation : in the event of a medical emergency, they can intervene immediately.

It is even possible to  adjust cabin pressure  in our medevac air ambulance to the air pressure on the ground, providing a so-called  sea ​​level flight , which is necessary when transporting patients with certain medical conditions like  anemiapneumothorax  or ileus.

We also provide  ambulance transfers  from hospital to airport before and after the air ambulance flight, to your chosen hospital. Our comprehensive  bed-to-bed service  is ideal for seriously ill patients: it minimizes waiting times throughout the medical evacuation for patients and families and ensures the best possible care during the journey.

Coronavirus Medevac

The current outbreak of  COVID-19  presents a need for urgent medical evacuation. At Medical Air Service, our team is on hand 24/7. We provide emergency medical evacuation (Medevac) services for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. If you or a loved one needs international Medevac, you can count on us to provide the urgent, specialized transport you need.

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