Air ambulance costs: how much does a patient transport by air cost?

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Medically necessary patient transports, such as transferring a patient to another hospital or transporting patients to their chosen clinic abroad, are usually carried out by air ambulance aircraft. Patients are flown to their destination under medical supervision, either seated or lying down, depending on their condition.

 Our medical flights are deployed all over the world and can also be used for last-minute operations and long-distance flights. In time-critical cases and for short distances, we use an ambulance helicopter – which can land directly at the hospital, pick up the patient and fly to the destination hospital. However, what are the average costs of an air ambulance flight and will these be covered by the relevant insurance company?

What you should know about ambulance plane costs? 

  • Ambulance plane costs are determined by several factors that are unique to each patient’s situation 
  • Hence, there is no fixed cost of an air ambulance flight
  • At Medical Air Service, our aviation experts calculate the ambulance plane costs after assessing your needs
  • We provide you with a customized air ambulance plane quotation without any hidden fees

 How much does an air ambulance cost for a patient transport mission?

Unfortunately, there is no single, general answer to this question as the medical flight cost depends on many factors such as: 

  • Flight route, 
  • Patient’s condition 
  • Urgency of the mission (short notice)
  • Accompanying persons
  • Ground transport 

Let’s have a more detailed look at the factors which make up the price of an air ambulance flight:

Flight route

The air ambulance costs depend mainly on the distance between the departure point and the destination. However, the costs do not rise directly in line with the distance flown but are individually calculated by our team of advisors depending on the route taken.

Condition of the patient

The medical staff and necessary equipment must be selected according to the condition of the patient. Depending on the diagnosis, an ambulance flight at sea level may be necessary with the cabin pressure equal to the air pressure on the ground, increasing the duration of the flight and thus the medevac costs. 

Costs of an air ambulance

Short notice

Since most ambulance aircraft are permanently in use, we have to take their availability into account at the time of booking, and different approach routes may be possible in each case. If an aircraft is located very close to the departure point, this may have a positive effect on the costs of the air ambulance. Logistically, it is therefore easier and more cost-effective to plan an air ambulance flight as far ahead as possible. However, planning last-minute medical flights is possible at all times. 

Accompanying persons

We make it easy for you to have close friends and family members around you during the ambulance flight. The total medevac cost therefore also depends on the number of accompanying persons. In most cases, we can take one accompanying person free of charge, but taking several relatives is also possible during an ambulance flight. Please let us know about your request and we will gladly book a larger ambulance aircraft for you.

Ground transport

Beside the air ambulance aircraft, it is often necessary to organize appropriate ground transports in an ambulance or emergency vehicle – for example, for the journey from the hospital to the airport. This is not necessary for helicopter flights. Please note that the cost of an ambulance vehicle abroad can often vary greatly. Depending on where the patient is staying, long ambulance journeys may be necessary, which will affect the total cost of the patient transport.

We will calculate an individual price for your air ambulance flight based on these parameters and we are available 24 hours a day to assist you with this and any other queries you may have.

Does insurance cover the air ambulance costs?

Sometimes the insurance covers the entire cost of the ambulance flight but sometimes only part of it. Each case is reviewed individually to determine whether the air ambulance costs will be covered by insurance or not. 

We will be happy to discuss with you over the telephone how you can lodge your claim with the insurance company and what the likelihood is of them taking over the air ambulance costs.

But even if the insurance company refuses to take over the costs of the air ambulance flight, we can also transport you without insurance coverage. You do not need to prove that you have air ambulance insurance and you also do not need to be a member of any particular organization or insurance scheme. We will carry out the ambulance flight even if the insurance company does not cover the air ambulance costs, the patient's fitness to travel is questioned by the insurance company, or you wish to be transferred on your own initiative.

Where can I get a quotation for an air ambulance flight? 

If you would like to book an ambulance flight, whether at short notice due to an emergency or planned well in advance, then it is best to call us directly. We will gladly take the time to talk you through all the possible options. We are available for you 24 hours a day and will immediately provide a free quotation for you if your case is an emergency. Our medical repatriation service agents will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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