Patient transport during the Covid-19 crisis

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In the past months, people all around the world have been facing a pandemic which is not comparable to any other pandemic spread in the last decades. The Covid-19 outbreak has led to the fact that many people have fallen ill by getting in contact with other infected patients. Some of these patients are still abroad and do not know how to get back home to their loved ones to receive the best medical care possible. We at Medical Air Service are able to transport you by ground or air ambulance. If you need a patient transport of a coronavirus patient, call us now for immediate help.

Patient transport of a coronavirus patient by air ambulance

Unlike what most of our patients think before getting in touch with us, a transport of a coronavirus patient by air is still possible. However, due to the high risk of contagion, a patient transport is not allowed on a scheduled airliner flight. Therefore, the safest and quickest way is a patient transport by air ambulance.

Aboard an air ambulance, an experienced flight doctor looks after the patient, using equipment that is similar to the machines in a modern intensive care ward. Before starting to plan the air ambulance flight, our medical team checks the patient's health condition and decides then if the patient is fit-to-fly. After confirming that the patient can be transferred, your patient transport will take place. There are a few measures that have to be taken in order to transport a coronavirus patient: A flight doctor will be responsible for the medical safety on board the air ambulance. In order to ensure this, our doctors will use state-of-the-art medical equipment.

By isolating the patient in a modern isolation device that is installed in our air ambulances, we avoid the leakage of the virus and thus prevent others from getting infected. Thanks to the ventilation system in the device, the patient’s supply of oxygen is always provided. If needed, the flight doctor can intervene and take medical measures to ensure the best medical treatment of the patient through ports that are located on different spots at the device.

Isolier System

Patient transport of a patient infected with Covid-19 by ground ambulance


In order to make a patient transport of a coronavirus patient by ground ambulance possible, we are installing the same isolation device into our ambulance vehicles. Thanks to this device, our patients will be comfortable and safe during the complete transfer. Further, the virus will not be leaking out which is very important to everyone who gets in contact with the patient.

Our medical team will evaluate the general condition of the patient and will then decide if a patient transport by ground ambulance is advisable or not. Since the transport by ground takes longer than the transport by air, it is always a risk factor for patients with severe symptoms. Therefore, we can generally say that a patient transport by ground ambulance is almost exclusively possible for shorter routes.

How fast can a patient transport be organised?

Our team of experts is able to organise any type of patient transport within a few hours. To make this possible, you just need to contact us any time a day. We will plan your individual patient transport either by air ambulance or ground ambulance.

How much does a patient transport of a coronavirus patient cost?

The costs of a patient transport depend firstly on the type of vehicle that is chosen for your individual patient transport and secondly on the distance to be travelled. Also, the urgency of the request has an impact on the costs. Due to the different cost factors, our team calculates the costs for every patient transport individually. You just need to call us – we will let you have a non-binding and free quote within minutes.

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