Coronavirus: repatriation by private jet for people who are not sick

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Besides the public health sector, the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic is causing massive disruption to international travel. With Covid-19 cases increasing, suddenly, it is not only travellers who have a medical emergency, are ill abroad or have had an accident who want to be brought back to their home country as quickly as possible; healthy tourists are also reacting to the unprecedented worldwide situation caused by the coronavirus. They want to get home without any delay so that they are in a familiar environment where they feel less stress.

Let's not forget that the public health sector and government regulations are not the same everywhere. It can be overwhelming to deal with PCR tests, quarantine, being constantly updated on government regulations and other complexities related to Covid-19 when you are in a foreign country. So, instead of being stranded overseas, it is best you opt for repatriation to get back somewhere you feel comfortable and you trust the medical facilities available, especially during a pandemic.

Frau im Privatjet

If you are in a similar situation, regardless of where you are across the globe, Italy, Spain, Ghana, Peru or Morocco, we can help you with the repatriation process. We offer fast, safe and unbureaucratic repatriation for citizens of any country who are stranded abroad during this crisis, whether they have Covid-19 or not. To repatriate you back home, we use private aircrafts which have numerous advantages.

Swift operational readiness

While commercial flights are being cancelled because of government regulations regarding Covid-19 or are fully booked due to the large numbers of citizens returning home, a private plane is perfect during an emergency, such as this Covid-19 pandemic, since it does not involve a lot of restrictions. It can be available on the desired flight date. In most cases, we can provide a private jet to repatriate you home on the very same day.

Flying home is still possible

Even though many countries have closed their borders to prevent further spread of the coronavirus disease in the last few days, the repatriation of non-infected foreign nationals to their home country is still possible almost everywhere. This means that you can still leave almost any country and return to your home country during this crisis without any problems – even if you are traveling from areas which have been particularly affected by Covid-19 such as Russia, India, Spain or France.

Flexible travel planning

Many travelers are used to having to adhere to the rigid restrictions and timetables of scheduled airlines. With a private jet, this is not necessary. We have numerous options while arranging the repatriation process when it comes to the departure and destination airports. Moreover, we can even consider smaller airports where a scheduled flight cannot even land. Your private jet will be able to bring you very close to your destination, which is an advantage since you do not want to be in contact with other people who might have been infected with Covid. With transits, there is a greater chance of this happening. In contrast, repatriation via a private jet ensures a single journey which increases protection from coronavirus.

Minimised risk of infection

On scheduled flights, there is a possibility of Covid-19 infection from numerous other passengers. In fact, this is how Covid-19 was spread from Wuhan, China to other parts of the world. In contrast, the risk of infection is extremely low on the private jets that we use to repatriate you back home. As part of the repatriation process, we can even book you a taxi or limousine service to the airport so that you don’t have to use public transport. At the airport, you will check-in at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), which is less crowded than the regular passenger terminals, and go through the necessary checks and controls. There will be no other passengers on board during the flight – only you and the crew.

In this way, your contact with other people is minimized and the risk of being infected with coronavirus remains extremely low.

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We are available to assist you every day, around the clock, and can organize emergency transportation for you without delay. This Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our life and it is completely understandable that you wish to be closer to your family without wasting time. Contact us for more information on the repatriation process or for a free consultation. During this pandemic, we take all the necessary precautions to protect you from the Covid-19 virus and to ensure that you can travel safely.

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