Ukraine: medical evacuation of foreign nationals

Disclaimer: As of the 24th of February 2022, Medical evacuation and repatriation missions from Ukraine are still possible, under the right conditions. Please get in touch with Medical Air Service as cases will be assessed on an individual basis to determine the possibility of a flight. 

February 2022: Ukraine saw the invasion of Russian military troops across the country. The conflicts between Ukraine and Russia dates decades back, but the latest military deployment of more than 100,000 troops all across Ukraine has pushed a state of emergency within the country as explosions have been reported near major Ukrainian cities.  Although diplomatic efforts are still on to find a common ground, the ongoing offensive position by the Kremlin is pressing nationals both from Ukraine and from all over the world to seek refuge beyond the border.  

Foreign nationals urged to leave Ukraine

In light of this tense situation, several countries have recommended that their citizens leave Ukraine. Western embassies, such as the United Kingdom, have already started the operation of evacuating their diplomatic staff. Separately, American soldiers tasked with training Ukrainian troops were ordered to abandon Kyiv.

The list of countries that recommend their nationals to repatriate or to leave the country is expanding day by day. Some of them, at the time of writing, are:

  • Germany,
  • The UK,
  • Italy,
  • Belgium,
  • Ireland,
  • The Netherlands,
  • Luxembourg,
  • Estonia,
  • Canada,
  • Lithuania,
  • Norway,
  • Slovenia,
  • The United Arab Emirates,
  • Israel,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Japan,
  • The United States.

Medical evacuation services provided by Medical Air Service 

Given the situation in Ukraine, the probability of you becoming a victim of an accident or falling sick should not be eliminated. You might, then, want to be transferred to a safe place to receive appropriate care. In these cases, Medical Air Service can help you out by providing air ambulances to ensure the medical evacuation (also called Medevac) of the sick and injured. We are able to transport you urgently to the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, or any other country of your choice for medical care.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We can handle any evacuation request for one or more people, even if it is not a repatriation or medical evacuation mission. A private jet will be at your disposal to evacuate you as quickly as possible from a neighbouring country. 

vip plane

What are the transportations options for a medical evacuation?

First of all, the choice of transportation method will depend on your state of health or that of your loved one. A medical evaluation will be necessary prior to the flight, to determine how critical your situation is. Depending on your condition and the distance to travel, our experts will advise you on the means of transport to appropriate for the journey.

Air ambulance jets

We have a fleet of air ambulance jets fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment. These transportation methods allow the evacuation of one or more people. You are accompanied by doctors who ensure optimal care of the patient on board. Thanks to modern complementary medical devices, they are able to provide you with necessary treatment and care, even if your condition requires intensive care. Thanks to our experience, our team is able to adapt to all situations to provide you with a quality service. Our air ambulances are suitable for patients requiring emergency care because they can be made available on the same or following day and landing can be done at airports near health facilities.

Ambulance helicopters 

You can also use a helicopter if you want to be evacuated to a country that is close to Ukraine. The latter is ideal for reaching an area that is difficult to access due to inadequate infrastructure. Medical staff will also be at your disposal to ensure that you are cared for throughout the trip.

Medical plane

Who should I contact for medical evacuation from Ukraine?

Our team at Medical Air Service will be able to guide you throughout your medical evacuation mission. Since your health is at the top of our priorities, we will handle your case as soon as possible. We will also take care of requesting the necessary take-off and landing authorizations. However, it should be noted that the changing situation in Ukraine could affect the availability of our medical evacuation services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of writing (24th of February 2022), Ukraine has closed its airspace to civilian planes. Nonetheless, Medical Air Service is able to organize evacuations missions from Ukraine to other countries by driving patients to the airport of a neighbouring country (i.e. Rzeszow, Poland or Satu Mare, Romania) in a ground ambulance, from where the air ambulance will take-off. Cases will be assessed on an individual basis. 

We can also assist healthy passengers in reaching their destination by providing an aircraft in Poland or Romania. 

Would you like to know more?

You can have a look at our FAQ which will answer your questions about the organization of an air ambulance for your medical evacuation. 

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