Wintering abroad: why does a long-term holiday make sense and your air ambulance options

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A winter from hell… This is how Europeans are describing the upcoming winter. According to experts, this phenomenon is not restricted to Europe solely. This nightmarish episode will also extend to other parts of the world, in view of the energy crisis that is going on. With the extremely high prices and the depleting stock, things are going to be extremely hard. Considering this, many are considering fleeing away to the warmer parts of the world for winter. 

What do you have to know if you are planning to spend winter abroad? 

  • Some experts are claiming that wintering abroad is a solution to the potential gas shortage and rising prices.
  • If you cannot fly commercially due to a medical condition, our medical flights can help you get to your winter holiday destination safely. 
  • We have different medical flight options for patients: commercial medical escorts and ambulance jets. 
  • Medical Air Service also organizes medical repatriation if you get sick or injured while wintering abroad.

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Why does spending winter abroad make more sense? 

Experts on the energy crisis and travel agencies are pushing the idea of leaving the country during winter to warmer countries. The arguments for this proposal are based on the potential gas shortage and the extremely high energy prices in winter. In the UK, advocates are saying that the cost of traveling abroad might be cheaper than having to disburse a tonne of money on heating, gas or electricity.

In Germany, the chair of the German Association of Independent Travel Agencies (VUSR) is encouraging pensioners to travel to countries such as Turkey, Tunisia or Mallorca for winter and is asking the government for a grant to subsidize their travel plans. She advanced “You kill some birds with one stone: Retirees would also receive grants, we save gas for industry and support holiday destinations”. 

This practice is not uncommon among snowbirds in the US and Canada. In fact, it is typical of US and Canadian snowbirds to take long-term vacations in warmer countries, which is a strategic move, combining escaping the cold and having a nice holiday abroad. Some of the top holiday destinations for US and Canadian snowbirds are: 

  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia 
  • Mexico
  • Uruguay 
  • Panama
  • Ecuador 

How can Medical Air Service help those who wish to escape winter? 

While the idea of traveling to a warmer country seems appealing and taking a flight is pretty easy for most of us, not everyone is able to enjoy the same convenience. Some people cannot enjoy the “luxury” of flying commercially because of a medical emergency such as a sickness or an injury. The nature of certain medical conditions prevents patients from taking a commercial flight because: 

  1. Either the flight would cause the patient’s health to deteriorate. The consequence might be mild or serious,
  2. The patient has an infectious disease that would harm other passengers and the crew
  3. Or the patient needs some special medical equipment at all times to be able to travel.

It may seem unfair that patients are unable to escape winter and enjoy some of the comforts that warmer countries offer. However, Medical Air Service has a solution for them. We have medical flight options that enable even those with medical emergencies to travel to another country safely. 

Medical Flight options by Medical Air Service 

Medical Air Service offers different patient transport services that would allow patients to fly to a warmer country safely. Depending on their medical condition, they can opt for: 

  1. A medical escort on a commercial flight: This option is ideal for those whose health condition is stable or who need some form of assistance while traveling. Patients will be accompanied by a medical escort, who can either be a flight nurse or a doctor. Depending on the patient’s needs, the medical professional will monitor and provide care to the patient. It goes without saying that he will also assist with boarding and offer care and support throughout the flight. 
  2. Air ambulance flight: This is a fully equipped medical plane that is dedicated to the patient only. It is fitted with medical equipment similar to an ICU and the staff consists of paramedics and doctors. Air ambulances can usually transport intensive care patients who will be constantly taken care of by medical professionals in the aeromedical space. Our air ambulances can also transport COVID-19 patients and even those who cannot handle the change in cabin pressure, since they can also fly at sea-level. 

What if I fall sick while wintering abroad? 

When speaking about spending winter in a warm country, all we think about is the sun, beaches, warm climate, fun and relaxation. However, this is not always the case. The possibility of becoming sick or getting injured while wintering abroad should not be eliminated. Besides the most common travel diseases, you can also get into a serious accident or have a particular health condition considerably worsen. What happens in case of a medical emergency while wintering abroad? 

Your first response should be to get to the ER and obtain necessary treatment wherever you are, whether it is in Mexico, Turkey, Panama, or Ecuador. After obtaining emergency care, the most common question is: “Should I stay here or go back home?”

More often than not, travelers prefer going back to their home country to obtain treatment. The three major reasons driving this decision are:

  1. The level of treatment and care at the holiday destination is not adequate
  2. There are language barriers hindering effective communication and hence, effective treatment. 
  3. Patients prefer to be treated by a doctor having access to their medical history
  4. Patients prefer to be in their comfort zone, surrounded by their loved ones when sick, which would help with recovery. 

Patient with doctors and family

Medical Repatriation from your wintering abroad holiday destination 

If you are sick or injured abroad, we can organize your medical repatriation quickly and safely. Thanks to our medical flights and our considerable experience organizing patient transport, we can get you back home without wasting time. 

When you book with us, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • We operate worldwide, even in remote locations. We can even organize your medical repatriation from small islands that do not have an airport. 
  • We have different medical flight options to suit your needs
  • We use the latest medical equipment
  • Our medical staff is experienced in providing medical care in-flight
  • We can organize your medical flight within one day of the booking 
  • We offer a bed-to-bed service, which means that we also take care of ground transportation. 
  • Our pricing system is transparent and ensures that you are not overcharged for services you do not need since we customize the price of the air ambulance based on your situation. 

ambulance flightContact us if you need an air ambulance 

If you need an air ambulance or a medical escort either to go spend winter abroad or to get back home, get in touch with us. We have aviation agents working 24/7 to attend to your needs and advise you on the best medical option for your needs. 

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