Why Medical Air Service is the most trusted provider of air ambulance in Germany?

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Scenic landscapes, soulful big cities, historic places and romantic towns make Germany the seventh most visited country in the world. Every year crowds of travelers from the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland travel to Germany for its great outdoor locations, shopping opportunities, cleanliness, nightlife and food. While one German out of four prefers holidays at home given the many locales to explore, others enjoy taking foreign trips to countries like Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Greece.

Ideally, we all wish for domestic and foreign vacations to start and end with great memories, but the real-world sometimes greets us with many unpleasant surprises. For instance, If you break a leg while hiking or fall sick in a foreign destination, you may need quick emergency medical repatriation to Germany. As such, it’s vital to know exactly what to do should you or your loved one require swift medical repatriation back to Germany. 

Why Medical Air Service Is The Most Trusted Provider Of Air Ambulance In Germany

In times of need, it can be disheartening when your insurance company shows you a hidden clause and says air ambulance costs cannot be covered. This justifies the need to always lookout for the finer details of your travel insurance clauses regarding air services, both when flying domestically or on foreign grounds and specifically checking your medical evacuation and repatriation insurance policies when picking an insurance company.
This makes sure your family has enough cover required for medical repatriation if needed.

However, if the worst happens, whether you have insurance or you are stranded on foreign land with insurance that does not cover the cost of a medical flight, Medical Air Service can assist you as medical repatriation back to Germany does not rely solely on your insurance.  We will make sure you get back home to your family and trusted medical care provider at the earliest, whether or not your insurance covers medical repatriation.

Why choose Medical Air Service for medical flights to Germany

Whether you are looking to fly back to Germany or take a medical flight to another country around the world, our wide network of service areas enables us to reach you anywhere across the globe. We have a talented team of well-trained professionals who will work with your family members to make yours as well as their travel back home as seamless as possible.

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We realize that in times of trouble, the family members caring for the patient in a foreign land are also under a lot of stress. Thus, we offer the best of services to throw this ‘stress’ away as soon as we arrive on the scene.

Here are some of the medical air services that make us one of the best specialists in air ambulances to and from Germany:

  • 24/ 7 consulting service where our knowledgeable staff answers questions and offers advice when you need medical repatriation
  • Bed to bed service ensures that as soon we arrive at the airport, we will arrange an ambulance for ground transportation to take you home or to the hospital of your choice
  • Medical Escort service involves a team of qualified doctors and nurses who will accompany the critically ill patients to provide emergency medical care if needed
  • We have alliances with a wide network of airports and airfields around the world that enables us to reach, and take patients back to, any locations worldwide
  • VIP Patient service includes high-quality private air ambulance equipped with world-class medical equipment. We can also arrange a one-month stay in the destination country.
  • We will assist you in dealing with all formalities from your international visa to getting permission from the concerned authorities and the hospital where the patient is admitted
  • We have a fleet of aircraft that include airplanes, jet ambulances, and helicopters to meet the requirements of different situations.
  • For critically ill patients that need to be repatriated immediately, we prefer helicopters that can take off and land on the hospital premises without wasting much time in transportation.


At Medical Air Service, we are committed to providing you with the smoothest and hassle-free medical flight back home. We believe that an emergency can arise anytime, but the way you handle that emergency can make a big difference!  From the moment you call our 24/7 international call service or fill in our contact form for medical evacuation until we take you back home or to the destination hospital in Germany, we will be by your side to ensure a stress-free transport.  

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