Why is it advised to fly with a medical escort after surgery?

Traveling on your own after surgery or being unable to travel with a loved one who is not in perfect health can be a really stressful experience. Who will be there to care for the patient during the trip? What will happen if a complication arises? These problems can be solved by a medical escort, a service offered by Medical Air Service for long-haul flights. 

Thanks to this, those who are in a vulnerable state after surgery are able to benefit from the assistance of a medical professional during their flight. An experienced and specialized physician or paramedic will travel alongside patients on a commercial flight to constantly monitor them, to help them out and to intervene in case a complication arises. 

Why is a medical escort necessary when flying after surgery?

The risks of flying after surgery vary, depending on the procedure that you have had and your medical condition. A surgical operation is bound to have some after-effects. Mild ones are nausea, vomiting, soreness, pain, restlessness or sleeplessness. More serious complications are shock, hemorrhage, or, a more common one when flights are involved, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Long-distance travel can increase the risks of DVT. These are blood clots that occur when you remain sitting in the same position for a long time. The risks of developing blood clots are considerably higher after a recent surgery or a hospital stay.  


While it is not advised to fly too soon after surgery, if the travel is an essential one, a medical escort will help ensure that you reach your destination safely. Our doctors have significant experience in providing care on flights. They will help you out at all times during the journey with any medical needs that you might have. It should be noted that they are equipped with emergency equipment to offer treatment to the passenger. Moreover, at Medical Air Service, we ensure to choose an escort who is compatible with patients so that they are both comfortable. That is why it is essential, for your safety and peace of mind, to travel with a medical escort after surgery. 

What types of surgery would call for a medical escort? 

You would need clearance to fly from your doctor (fit to fly) if you need to travel after any type of surgery. The latter will assess your conditions and can advise you on whether you need a medical escort. However, even if your treating doctor has not mentioned anything about medical escorts, you can still opt for one for your peace of mind and to minimize any health risks for yourself or your loved one.

A medical escort right from your doorstep

To provide patients with the maximum care, Medical Air Service also offers assistance during the trip to and from the airport. If needed, a ground ambulance will pick you up on the day of the flight from either your house or the hospital. Even at the destination country, we can arrange for an ambulance for the trip from the airport to your hotel, house, hospital or any other location. As such, you are accompanied by a professional at every step of the way, ensuring that the whole trip is a safe one and that you do not have to undertake the troubles of looking for ground transportation and coordinating travels in both countries

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Air ambulances for more complicated cases 

While medical escorts will offer assistance and care for you during a flight, their services are restricted to cases where the patients’ condition is not too serious. Alternatively, if travelers are in a more critical condition, they can travel via an air ambulance

This is an aircraft that is fitted with the latest medical equipment so that even ICU patients can travel to another location. Moreover, all of the air ambulance flights organized by Medical Air Service have a doctor on board. As such, the patient will be constantly under the medical supervision of a professional who will intervene in case something goes wrong. Additionally, an air ambulance is chartered specifically for you, which means that it is private, more readily available and can travel to any location across the globe

Contact us for a medical escort after surgery

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