Where to seek quick and reliable medical repatriation Singapore

Life in the Little Red Dot may sometimes get too stressful. It’s no surprise that Singaporeans love to travel, whether it’s a long vacation in Paris or just a weekend in Bangkok to recharge, a recent survey showed that people in Singapore took an average of 5.2 vacations in one year. While it’s great to travel around the world, home is the place everyone wishes to return to at the earliest when sick. This blog explains why there are so many medical repatriation Singapore cases in the last 12 months.

Whether you are travelling in Asia or planning a trip to western countries, it’s always important to ensure your safety. There could be various unseen reasons that can suddenly make a perfectly healthy person fall sick. The change of weather, an unfortunate accident or stroke may be some of the reasons to cut short a trip and look for an air ambulance service to come back home safely.

Where To Seek Quick And Reliable Medical Repatriation Singapore

To ensure that you are not stuck in a foreign land in case of a medical emergency, it is imperative that you must get travel insurance that covers medical evacuation services. This is one of the essential things to consider before leaving for a holiday from Singapore. Many insurance companies only partially cover medical flights in case of emergency, so make sure you read the fine details of their insurance policies carefully.  

However, if your insurance does not cover medical repatriation to Singapore, don’t lose heart. You can contact Medical Air Services at any time, regardless of your insurance cover and our team will arrive on spot to help you in case of a medical emergency.

Here are some facts that make us one of the best medevac service providers in the world:

To extensive network 

As a leading emergency medical evacuation & repatriation company for Singapore, Medical Air Services has an extensive network throughout the world. Whether you are in a hospital in Bangkok or battling after-stroke effects in Denmark, we have resources to ensure help reaches you in any corner of the world in the shortest possible time

Team of highly experienced professionals

We want you and your family to have a safe and hassle-free trip back to Singapore. Our trained and highly experienced professionals will handle all the communication with authorities and seek the required permissions to arrange medical evacuation to your home or a hospital of your choice.

Bed-to-bed service

Bed-to-bed transfer

We maintain the highest standard of bed-to-bed service to ensure the smoothest transit from a foreign hospital to your preferred hospital or clinic in Singapore. Our team take care of every minute detail to minimize the waiting time and make ground transportation as swift as possible using patient-friendly transfer. 

A complete fleet of air ambulances 

We have different types of air ambulances such as airplanes, ambulance helicopters and jet ambulances to cater to the diverse needs of patients. Our well-equipped airplanes are fitted with essential medical equipment to ensure patient’s safety during medical flight no matter the emergency.

We have alliances with Seletar Airport and Changi International Airport that help us transport you to any part of Singapore with ease. For critical patients, we can also arrange ambulance helicopters in Singapore that can directly take off and land on the hospital premises, to do away with the need for ground ambulance transportation.

24/7 customer support

Keeping up with our international presence around the world, we also offer 24/7 personal consulting service. We have country-specific staff , so we can understand your concerns and answer your queries. This enables us to act quickly and arrange help for you in the shortest possible time.

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