Where to look for reliable yet affordable air ambulance to Australia

Australia, the land of white-sand beaches, surreal red deserts, breathtaking wildlife, tropical forests, and snowy mountains, is one of the most varied and interesting travel destinations.  What we love best about this sixth biggest land mass in the world is that it offers everything that a discerning traveller may look for. From driving on the desert roads and basking on the beaches to skiing on Mt. Buller and surfing along the gigantic waves on the coast of New South Wales, Australia offers an incredible experience.

No wonder the Land Down Under receives millions of international visitors every year. While there are many exotic tourist sites to explore in Australia, a lot of Australians love to take foreign trips abroad.  Aussies are known for their adventurous spirit and they love travelling to far and distant places seeking adrenalin rush. Some of the top holiday destinations for Australians are Indonesia, Fiji, United States, Thailand, and New Zealand to name a few.

Where To Look For Reliable Yet Affordable Air Ambulance To Australia

Whether you are visiting Australia or traveling out of the Land of Oz for business or leisure, it’s important that you get a travel insurance to cover medical repatriation costs if a situation arises. We know you may not want to think of the worst while you are on a fun holiday, but what if you are injured while skiing in the mountains or you suddenly get a medical emergency while on your trip?

Why do you need travel insurance?

If you do a quick search online, you can find horror stories about people getting sick in the middle of nowhere and family members going through a tough time ensuring proper medical care in a foreign land. This is when travel insurance comes to your rescue and covers the full or partial cost of a medical flight back to Australia.

Unfortunately, some people are so confident that they will never need a medevac service that they tend to ignore it until it’s too late.  While some do it out of sheer ignorance, others find insurance that covers medical repatriation too expensive to afford.

We agree that travel insurance covering the cost of medical evacuation might be on the higher side, but consider this - you may have to end up paying thousands of dollars in order to save a few hundred. So, whether you have a history of health issues or you are simply heading for an adventure holiday to Australia, getting insurance that covers the cost of a medical flight is a must!

If you are sick or injured, and stuck in a foreign land without proper insurance, you can still get back home without breaking your bank with the help of Medical Air Service. We are a global medical repatriation company that operates rounds the clock to help Australians in various parts of the world get back home in case of a medical emergency.

What distinguishes us from others?

patients and doctors

No matter where on the globe you travel to, our Medical Air Service team is never too far away from you. It just takes a call from any location in the world to help us get you back home or to a medical center in Australia safely.  Our extensive network of airplanes, jet ambulances, and helicopters are outfitted with the latest medical equipment patients may need during transit.

In Australia, we have alliances with the international airports to the smallest airfields such as Adelaide International Airport, Alice Springs Airport, Blackwater Airport, Cairns International Airport, and Evans Head Aerodrome. Thus, we can get you back to or pick you up from any part of the continent.

Here are some of the highlights of our services:

  • 24/7 personal consulting at any time of the day
  • Bed-to-bed services with reduced waiting time
  • Medical air escort to accompany critical patients back home
  • Fast ground transportation with an international ambulance service
  • VIP Patient service with first-class attendants and personal customer advisor

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