Where to look for quick and easy medical repatriation to UK

According to a report published by ONS (Office of National Statistics), UK residents took 70.8 million foreign trips in 2016 alone. It marked a significant rise of 8% increase from 2015. This just goes to show that UK citizens are taking more holidays abroad with some of the most visited destinations being Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, the USA, Portugal, Netherlands, and Germany.

However, not many travelers care to spend some extra time researching on adequate travel insurance. Moreover, only a fraction of these read the finer details of their insurance cover to ensure that these include medical repatriation costs to the UK. In this article, we will tell you how, even if you don’t have the proper insurance to cover the air ambulance cost, you can get safely home in case of an accident or ill health through medical flights.

Let’s get it straight - whether you are traveling out of the United Kingdom for business or leisure, you can never be sure what the future holds for you. In case of an injury, accident, or health complications, it may be difficult to get satisfactory emergency medical treatment in a foreign land.

If you ask any UK citizens, they would unanimously say that they would prefer to come back to their country in case of an emergency. However, when you are not fit enough to travel on a commercial flight, an air ambulance is needed to airlift you from the foreign land and take you to your preferred UK hospital. Unless your travel insurance company covers the cost of medical repatriation to the UK, you will have to spend your hard-earned pounds to pay the bills.

Where to look for quick and easy medical repatriation to UK

How can Medical Air Service help you?

We are a leading air ambulance company with an unrivaled presence around the world. Since our inception, we have helped hundreds of UK citizens get back home safely. We work diligently to provide quick and reliable services at short notice in the UK.

In case your travel insurance does not cover medical repatriation to the UK, you may contact us directly for air ambulance services. Our ambulances are fully equipped with the latest equipment to provide high-quality medical care to patients. We will take care of the formalities to give you a smooth and stress-free experience.

We are committed to giving you a safe and secure trip back to the UK. Hence, we have a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses who accompany critically ill patients on the medical flight.

We strive to offer the best in medical service at the most reasonable rates. You will be surprised to discover that our air ambulances are more affordable than you think.

What makes us the right choice

We have a fleet of well-maintained airplanes and helicopters that we can get ready for medical repatriation to UK at short notice. When a patient is evacuated using an airplane, we also arrange for a ground ambulance for transportation to home or the hospital of choice.

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Helicopters are preferred when patients need to be shifted from one hospital to another directly in the UK. This eliminates the need for ground transportation as the helicopter can directly land within the hospital premises.

Furthermore, we have alliances with all the major and smaller airports in the UK making it possible for us to provide medevac services to almost anywhere in the United Kingdom. Some of the UK airports that come under our network include Glasgow International Airport, London City Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Southampton Airport, and Oxford (Kidlington) Airport to name a few.

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